This is just an invisible visible post

writing-in-journalI don’t know why but today I woke up thinking in english and continued all the morning long doing it. Now I am waiting in an anonymous doctor’s waiting room, not particulary bored, not interested in reading the old magazines available over the small table in front of me, and not even very likely to open my iPhone and see what is new on twitter and facebook. I am just indifferent to everything and so, as always happens to me, my mind is travelling high in the clouds. But refuses to do it in italian as genrally does. Don’t know why, but I am dreaming in english this morning. Is this a sympthom of me gettin’ mad? Maybe.  I have always been a little crazy. So not big deal. I am here, in my visible invisible blog, imagining, dreaming, writing. And time passes. I like that. Waiting and writing, I mean. Flying in another world, being into another body, feeling someone else’s emotions, trying to interpret them, to live them. Is this what an actor does? Never experience acting to know it precisely. But what I know is that I love to be in someone else’s clothes, environment, mood. Being another person, totally different from who I am in “normal” life, fully aware of other feelings, charatcher, mood, temper. I like that and I will always do that, even if my writings will never be published. Don’ care. Well, now the doctor’s ready. Better go. And see what’s the veredict! 🙂 Hi, visible invisible readers!


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