Mysterious is the heart (1)

Translated by Rosemary Dawn Allison 

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Orlando is a painter with a cantankerous character and a soul in tumult, he is already more than fifty years old, he feels old and with no possibility of new stimulus, of new inspiration. A proud man and an “unrepentant imperialist” as he loves to define himself, for some time he has seen life flowing through his fingers like sand and had no idea of how to get it back. Elvira is a young woman disappointed by destiny, mostly sentimental. Suddenly abandoned by her boyfriend she feels betrayed and her soul emptied. Padre Alfonso is a strange priest: undisciplined, non-conformist he loves to graze souls and when the occasion arises have them meet. Orlando has been commissioned to do a work and he has Elvira as the subject to inspire the basis of something that could return soul and joy of two people who believe to have lost them irredeemably.

Mysterious is the heart (Misterioso è il cuore) received a special mention for the Vico Sul Gargano Prize for Short Novels 2008. la menzione di merito Premio Vico Sul Gargano – Romanzi Brevi 2008 Also contains the story Hearts on the Network, which received a prize at Stories on the Network –2003


Author’s biography: Italian, born in Sao Paulo – Brazil, mother and wife first, writer in second place, scout and publisher’s catalogue section coordinator, and translator.  Amneris Di Cesare, Italian born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, lives in Bologna. Married to a Calabrese doctor, mom and full-time wife, works as a free-lance journalist for women’s magazines. Since 2005 she manages the F.I.A.E. – Independent Forum for Emerging Authors (http://fiaeforum.freeforumzone.leonar…), either group and self editing workshop for emerging writers. Published the essay “Mama or not Mama: the challenge of being mothers in the world of Harry Potter ” for the beneficial anthology “Potterology: Ten essays on the universe of JK Rowling” (Camelozampa 2011), one of her short stories, titled “Fang” is present in the beneficial anthology of short animal stories “Code di Stampa” (Edizioni La Gru 2011). In 2012 she published her first novel, Nothing but love (Edizioni Centoautori), which was the winner of the Mondoscrittura Literary Award, and in 2013 she took part in the educational school project coordinated by Manuela Salvi “Next stop … Italy!” (Onda Editore) writing the chapter dedicated to the region of Calabria. Di Cesare edited the beneficial anthology “Dodicidio” for the project POP Edizioni La Gru, she wrote the chapter “February” (2013) and won the contest “Jane Wanted” organized by Edizioni Domino, which released her novel “Siren on the horizon”. On June 24th 2014 her third novel “Straight to Heart” was released by Runa Editrice, and since Edizioni Domino closed in late 2014, Amarganta Edizioni released the novel Siren on the Horizon as an e-book. A new essay on Harry Potter’s mother and minor characters was released by Runa Editrice in January 2015. She has been given the job by Amarganta Edizioni as fantasy and children’s sections coordinator as well as scout for foreign rights and translator of manuscripts in English and Portuguese.


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